MSC strives to unpack the complexities of sustainability through more case-based, dynamic, and engaged teaching and learning. Our collaborative platform expands the conversation, encouraging students, instructors, and practitioners to get involved at every step.

Why is MSC unique?

  1. Experience Oriented

    Rejecting the input/lecture → output/test model, MSC creates a hands-on, practical environment involving experts and stakeholders.

  2. Student Led

    Opposing the sender/teacher → receiver/student learning model, MSC positions students, instructors and practitioners in multiple roles.

  3. Real-life issues

    Inspiration for MSCs come from right on our doorstep to halfway across the world – but they are always real problems demanding real responses.

  4. Inclusive Learning Platform

    Acknowledging that people learn differently, MSC incorporates a variety of multimedia tools and materials to support more needs and preferences.

  5. Digitally Enhanced

    MSC's digital platform is designed to give students access to cases with ease, using different devices, from all around the world.

  6. Modular and Adaptable

    MSC’s case library spans disciplines and can cater to different didactical purposes.

  7. Constantly Evolving

    Student reflections are fed back in while inputs are welcomed at all stages, for a natural evolution of these real-life phenomena.

Get Involved with MSC:



Unfold challenging problems through the eyes of key actors; explore solutions via podcasts and videos; apply skills through hands-on practice.



Collaboratively problem-solve in class through group activities and online via discussion communities established by discipline, location, and classroom.



Turn an inspiration into an active learning experience; Gain practical skills through teamwork with students, faculty and practitioners.



MSC works through both practice and theory; MSC’s modularity suits different classrooms schedules and teaching ambitions.