Cover Page

The cover page is the first page to appear on the learning platform when someone selects the case from the case library. The cover page introduces your case, and should entice the viewer to engage with the case components.

cover page instruction


Please note: Once you are ready to submit your work, use this cover page submission template to input your content.

  1. Title

    An MSC title consists of three components:

    • A kicker: A unique and catchy 2-4 word phrase.
    • A question: Reflects the central decision point/question of the case.
    • A dek: One sentence that explains the question and frames the case.
  2. Author list

    List of authors with the intended order

  3. Summary

    100-200 word summary of the case

  4. Table of contents

    Please indicate the intended order of your contents, including narrative sections, podcasts, and learning activities.

  5. Cover image

    A high-resolution picture that we have permission to use. The following websites are good resources for license-free imagery.

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