Pedagogical Assessment

We produce assessment options and results for each of our cases, as they move across disciplines, fields, or from year to year in a given classroom. We also evaluate some of the impacts of our project as whole on the learning and teaching cultures of our home and partner institutions. We do this in collaboration with the University of Michigan's Academic Innovation program, the Center for Research on Teaching and Learning, and our Curricular Advisory group. This page showcases early assessments of the Wolf Wars case being used in a University of Michigan classroom.

Further, Rebecca Hardin, Matt Vedrin and Meg Czerwinski have convened a new Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshop entitled “Methods in the Evaluation and Assessment of Sustainability Research and Education” (or MEASuRE) which brings together staff, faculty, students, and visitors whose scholarship focuses on monitoring and evaluation of interventions in educational and development contexts. The science behind case-based learning--and its benefits for specific types of learners and kinds of learning objectives--is part of what we do.