Problem-based and case-based learning have long and successful track records in education. MSC takes these methods further, by harnessing new technologies to both activate students throughout the learning process and expose them to the increasingly complex reality of today’s world.

MSC is being critically assessed by in-house scholars in partnership with the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT). For instance, a pilot study of MSC in two classrooms showed positive results (Hardin et al. 2016). Students largely preferred MSC’s multimedia-enhanced materials (as compared to plain text/printed materials) (Chart 1), and indicated higher levels of engagement in the course (as compared to classes with primarily lecture-based teaching) (Chart 2).

“To be honest, this case is the first assigned reading I have actually completed all the reading for this term. It was more contained, easier to focus on, more fun to read because of the videos and the visual aids.” -Student from MSC pilot course, Winter 2016.

Another study of an MSC development process demonstrated MSC’s pedagogical commitment to making clear to students the challenges of decision-making with imperfect information (Golrokhian et al. 2016).

MSC is committed to continuous evaluation. We actively seek user feedback and stay abreast of cutting-edge pedagogical debates. These efforts will inform updates to current cases and future case production.

Keep an eye on this page as our project and case assessments progress.