Academic articles can be dry. MSCs provide an immersive experience. An engaging narrative with Edgenotes forms the backbone, while podcasts and interactive learning exercises expand upon the core text. Our multimedia elements appeal to different learning styles, allowing learners options for using cases in different ways.


Narrative Real world dilemmas

Each MSC tells the story of a challenging decision. A standard MSC is composed of a clear narrative leading to the problem, one or more decision points, and several potential responses or consequences. As the situation unfolds, key decision makers and stakeholders are introduced, as are their motivations and considerations when faced with the case.

Multimedia Edgenotes

Multimedia Edgenotes Curated media captures imagination

Edgenotes are audiovisual materials that complement, rather than supplement the case content. They are jumping-off points for deeper exploration. Selected from audiovisual resources, Edgenotes offer insights into organizational and ecological histories, expert perspectives, core concepts and theories, and different voices around the case.


Podcast Problems conveyed in people’s own words

MSC podcasts are radio segments produced by case authors in collaboration with University of Michigan’s student-run radio station, WCBN-FM. Podcasts allow students to hear conversations among key actors and relevant experts and stakeholders, and thus be exposed to different sides of the issue.

Interactive Exercises

Interactive Exercises Skill building activities

Interactive learning exercises enhance students’ mastery of specific tools and wider skill sets. They provide a spectrum of quantitative, technical, analytical, and creative competencies. Exercises are designed to foster collaboration, agency, and intercultural communication.