Edgenotes are jumping-off points for deeper exploration. Video and audio bites, articles, reports, newspaper clips, social media posts, and maps—all contribute to a richer learning experience. At MSC, we curate multimedia content to provide greater context, detail, and opportunities for further investigation. Through “Edgenotes,” students are able to shape their individual learning experiences as they explore the case material.

  1. Carefully curated content

    We may extract a critical two-minute segment from a 16-minute video, or a 1-page excerpt from a 40-page technical report. Thoughtful curation helps students quickly identify the most relevant pieces of information, but also provides the option to explore further if they are inspired by a specific Edgenote.

  2. Closely tied to narrative

    Transcending the traditional footnote, Edgenotes are presented right alongside the corresponding text. Learners control their own pace and way of exploring. They can visit Edgenotes along the way or wait until the end and explore them all at once in the Edgenote gallery.

Sample our Edgenotes and begin to explore:

Background and context of the sustainability challenge

In the Michigan Wolf Wars case, a detailed map of the region displays the area where the challenge is unfolding.

In the Indonesia Conservation Funding case, a video displays the spectacular behaviors of sharks and their importance to local biodiversity.

Detailed data about the region

In the Baltimore smart meters case, explore infographics, charts, and reports to understand potential costs of the proposed bill. Manipulate an interactive map to reveal specific energy burdens that could result.

In other Edgenotes, discover specific costs incurred at different sites of a proposed area by examining infographics, charts, and reports.

Stakeholder perspectives

In the Wolf Wars case, videos give voice to the conflicting perspectives of stakeholders like residents, environmentalists, and hunters.

In the same case, a news article discusses particular concerns around conservation and economics.

Fully cooked concepts

In the Ethiopia case, learn how to do cost-benefit analysis with an explanatory video.