MSC podcasts present material in the form of a lively conversation. Providing an opportunity to untangle case narratives and assumptions and develop potential solutions, the podcasts engage stakeholders, experts, and decision makers. Connecting experts and citizens, the podcasts bridge research and practice. Through a discussion-driven approach, our podcasts shed light on underexplored aspects of the case material.

  1. Conversational and provocative

    Lasting about 30 minutes to an hour, MSC podcasts feature background information, conversations about key concepts or methods, dialogue that challenges assumptions, and debate over objectives and tradeoffs. MSC podcasts often incorporate relevant music following the exceptional tastes of our MSC hosts.

  2. Studio quality

    MSC has partnered with the tech-savvy students running the University of Michigan radio station, taking advantage of their in-house expertise and quality equipment.

Learn with MSC podcast

Have a taste of our podcasts, where you can:

Unpack complex issues

Can Green Mountain and Tesla solve the “peak problem”? Energy storage is popularly assumed to be a ‘green’ technology. We hear firsthand from a company implementing household storage and learn why the ‘greenness’ of storage is more complicated than it appears.

Critique dominant narratives

Urban farming organizations aim to improve food access in Detroit. We hear from a board member of one organization, about the challenges and opportunities of running an all-volunteer farm, while two activists and organizers explain the need for Detroiters to be a part of the conversation.

Expand the conversation

Should we hunt gray wolves in Michigan? The ‘Wolf Wars’ podcast takes this conversation beyond State borders, exploring human-wildlife conflicts in India and Yellowstone National Park, and the narratives that shape them.